4th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India

17-20 December 2017
Mumbai, India

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EC2: Intelligent Transportation System for Traffic Operations


Use of advanced techniques from Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for better traffic operations is gaining popularity in recent years. Advancements in data collection and analysis helps to improve operational efficiency of roadway infrastructure. The primary purpose of this course is to disseminate relevant information that will help practitioners and researchers to adopt cutting edge developments in ITS and its use in operational analysis for efficient transportation system.


  • Introduction to traffic operations and ITS
  • Use of ITS to enhance traffic operations

Course Instructors

  • Dr. Darcy M Bullock, Purdue University, USA
  • Dr. Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi, IIT Madras, India

Course Structure

  • ITS introduction and various data collection techniques - This module will introduce ITS and its various components and functional areas, with specific emphasis on data collection challenges - Lelitha
  • ITS for efficient signal design - This module will provide case studies on the use of ITS data for designing traffic signal spits and offsets and assessing the outcome of those deployments - Darcy
  • ITS for APTS and ATIS - Will present case studies on the use of ITS for field implementation of Advanced Public Transport Systems and Advanced Traveler Information Systems - Lelitha
  • ITS for quantifying and evaluation of operational projects and prioritization of investments - This module will introduce the use of commercial probe data and emerging connected vehicle data for prioritizing capital investment programs and assessing the impact of those projects once they are completed - Darcy


  • Prof. P. Vedagiri, IIT Bombay
  • Prof. Nagendra R. Velaga, IIT Bombay

Target Audience

  • Practitioners involved in operations and maintenance of roadway infrastructure
  • Researchers involved in traffic mobility
  • Faculty members involved in teaching traffic operations and ITS

Registration Fee

  • Available in the conference registration fee page. See here

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