4th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India

17-20 December 2017
Mumbai, India

Welcome to CTRG 2017                   Welcome to IIT Bombay                       Welcome to Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registration - Student: I have submitted the paper while I was a student. I have graduated this year. Will I be considered as a student delegate?
    • [2017-10-02/10] Delegate must be a student at the time of the conference. If you have submitted the paper as student from some institution, and now you are doing some other full course in some other educational institution, then you are eligible to register as a student delegate. If you are employed, then you have to register as a standard delegate. If you are an author of an accepted paper and have some special request, you may send the same to the organizing committee (ctrg2017@civil.iitb.ac.in).
  • Registration Fee: Does it include accommodation cost?
    • [2017-10-02] Registration fee do not include accommodation cost. We are negotiating with few hotels and the same information will be put in the website soon. However, we will be getting limited hostel rooms on sharing basis for the registered student delegate for an additional fee.
  • Registration - Rejected papers: Whether authors of rejected paper should also registered for the conference?
    • [2017-10-02] Anyone can register as a delegate for the conference, including the authors of the rejected paper and avail all the privileges of the delegate. They will be getting a participation certificate also. Only that their paper will not be presented or included in the conference proceedings.
  • Accommodation - Hostel: Can you provide hostel accommodation?
    • [2017-10-02] IIT Bombay have several conferences and professional festivals going on during these days and we have limited hostel rooms available. These rooms will be given to the student delegates, after they register, their registration is accepted, and with an additional fee. Other delegates, we will provide links to some nearby hotels and guest houses, which may offer some discount for CTRG delegates.
  • Conference Schedule: Please send me the conference schedule. I want to know on which date would I be presenting.
    • [2017-10-02] The conference schedule will be prepared after Nov 10 which is the last date for at least one of the author to register. The decision whether a paper is to presented as lectern or poster will be made by the scientific committee of the conference and the first draft of the schedule is expected by Nov 15.
  • Registration - Life member: Whether the life member discount could be availed by me, if my co-author is a life member.
    • [2017-10-05] The member discount is available only to that member. Hence, you are not eligible to get the member discount.
  • Registration: I would like to register for CTRG. In case, if I could not attend the conference, Can I send my co-author (as a substitute) to present the same under my registration.
    • [2017-10-06] In case you could not attend the conference, you could ask your co-author to present provided he/she should be a registered delegate. In special situation we permit if a registered delegate could not present his/her paper, another registered delegate can present (subject to maximum of three presentation by any delegate). Transferring registration currently not possible, however, please make a request to the organizing committee with the details.
  • Accommodation: I am not a student delegate. Will I get hostel accommodation?
    • [2017-10-18] We have limited hostel rooms and our first preference is to the student delegates having accepted paper. The second preference is student delegates with no papers. If there is vacancy then we can entertain other delegates based on first come first serve basis. Note that hostel rooms are sharing basis and no attached bathrooms. Hence, we request you to fill the form sent by email. If you want hostel room and if not available and would like to be considered for MTNL guest house, you may apply the form twice (one for hostel, and other for guest house).
    • Paper Publication How do I upload the revised papers?
      • [2017-11-20] A submission portal will be made available and instructions will be sent to you soon. Meanwhile the delegates may complete the revision.
      • Paper Publication: What format should I submit the paper to TiDE?
        • [2017-11-20] You should submit the paper to TiDE in the format prescribed by TiDE. We will communicate the next steps by email.