Exhibition Details

We would like to invite you to set up an exhibition stall for showcasing your unique products and innovations before the attending delegates from all over the globe. The details for the exhibitions stalls are given below.

  • Floor dimensions of each Stall: 3m x 3m

  • Registration Fees per Stall (Including registration of one person): Rs. 70,000/-. Also, 20% concession would be given to block 2 or more stalls

  • Number of stalls available: 11 (To be allotted on a First-Come, First-Serve basis)

(*Multiple Stalls can also be availed of if requested)

Please send us your confirmation at this email: tpmdc2016@civil.iitb.ac.in . For more Information, you may contact: Aditya Kumar Das (9861609587)

Exhibitors List