Courses Taught

CE744 Analysis of Transportation Systems PG/UG Elective IITB Spring 2016
Autumn 2014
Autumn 2013
Autumn 2012
Autumn 2011
CE771 Optimization in Civil Engineering PG/UG Elective IITB Autumn 2015
CE415 Transportation Engineering II UG IITB Spring 2016
Autumn 2015
Autumn 2014
Autumn 2013
CE310 Transportation Engineering Lab II UG IITB Autumn 2012
Autumn 2011
Autumn 2010
CE310 Transportation Engineering I UG IITB Spring 2012
Spring 2011
Spring 2010
CE310M Transportation Engineering I UG (Minor) IITB Autumn 2009
CE395 Transportation Demand Modeling PG University of Vermont Spring 2009
CE133 Decision Analysis in Environmental & Transportation Systems UG University of Vermont Fall 2008