Research Interests

(1) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): areas include,

Intelligent vehicles and autonomous navigation;

Modeling driver distraction due to smartphones;

ITS and driver safety;

Application of Artificial Intelligent (AI) techniques in ITS;

Driver behaviour, new technologies and trust issues in ITS;

ICT and smart-mobile phone applications in ITS;

Crowd-sourcing and linked open data applications in ITS;

Intelligent navigation solutions for Military applications.

(2) GIS and GNSS applications in transport: areas include,

Effective integration of GNSS with other sensors such as DR sensors and MEMS based inertial navigation systems;

Map-matching algorithms;

Integrity methods.

(3)Transportation accessibility and mobility

(4) Integrated and flexible transport systems

(5) Sustainable Transportation and development

(6) Transport and Environmental pollution and modelling

(7) Car-sharing modelling in urban areas

(8) Digital economy and digital inclusion

(9) Intelligent transportation infrastructure maintenance and management systems

(10) Risk assessment of BOT based transportation infrastructure project investment