ICES, IIT Bombay

Aakaar IIT Bombay is proud to launch its first ever International Civil Engineering ICES, IIT Bombay. With the prime motive of encouraging research enthusiasts in the field of civil engineering to engage in vigorous research and take Civil engineering to a whole new level, ICES IIT Bombay looks forward to bring together and support such talented and enthusiastic people.
"Research is not just to see what everyone else has seen, but to think what nobody else has thought."

  • -Albert Szent Gyorgyi
  • Civil engineering has a vast scope for research and innovation. New inventions and techniques have a large potential to cause a revolution in terms of sustainable construction, efficient transportation, better design techniques and more sophisticated infrastructure. Advances in Civil Engineering are the order of the day with the rapid industrialization and urbanization seen in developed and developing nations. Innovative design and construction practices are challenging tasks to the engineers to meet the ever growing demands of society. ICES IIT Bombay intends to bring together leading researchers in this domain of interest from around the world. It looks forward to witness and demonstrate the remarkable range of interests being pursued in and beyond the classroom.
    The International Civil Engineering ICES, IIT Bombay (ICES) will act as a platform to exchange ideas and scientific knowledge, through intense professional interaction among the aspiring civil engineering researchers who are inclined towards discovering, learning and innovating new domains. We believe this will lead to fruitful germination of collaborative research work.
    If you are a research enthusiast and you feel that your research paper has got something extraordinary, Aakaar’s ICES IIT Bombay is a platform to showcase your talent in front of eminent professors, industrial professionals and talented students in a formal conference.

    Key Intentions

    1. To encourage participation in civil engineering research area.
    2. To provide an excellent platform for exchange of new ideas and knowledge among Academia,Industry professionals and Research Scholars.
    3. To give students an exposure to the designing of research papers and paper presentation in a formal conference.

    Aakaar invites all the civil engineering students to attend the ICES, IIT Bombay to explore the various research opportunities ahead in civil engineering irrespective of being an accomplished researcher or any person interested in research and innovation.
    We will be very honoured and happy to have you as one of our most delightful participants in the international symposium.

    How to participate?

    1. Register as a team with a maximum of 3 members
    2. Submit your abstracts before the given deadline
    3. Abstracts will be scrutinized and finalists will be invited to the International Civil Engineering Symposium, IIT Bombay during Aakaar.

    **For the participants outside India, the symposium will be held through video conference.

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