Apart from the institute facilities available for students and faculty members, the CE Department, in addition, provides several infrastructural facilities including laboratories and research centers, computing facilities, and departmental library.


The department brochure in pdf format.

Annual Reports

The annual reports of the Department in pdf format.

  1. Annual Report 2001-02
  2. Annual Report 2002-03
  3. Annual Report 2003-04
  4. Annual Report 2004-05
  5. Annual Report 2005-06
  6. Annual Report 2006-07
  7. Annual Report 2007-08
  8. Annual Report 2008-09
  9. Annual Report 2009-10
  10. Annual Report 2010-11
  11. Annual Report 2011-12
  12. Annual Report 2012-13
  13. Annual Report 2013-14
  14. Annual Report 2014-15
  15. Annual Report 2015-16
  16. Annual Report 2016-17
  17. Annual Report 2017-18

Computing Facilities

The Department offers state-of-the-art computing facilities to the graduate students, research scholars and faculty members. These consist of the central computer laboratories, which include UG Computer Laboratory, PG Computer Laboratory, Research Scholars Computer Laboratory and Faculty Computer Laboratory. In addition every faculty member and research scholar is given one personal computer and most of the laboratories have their own computing facilities to meet their specialized requirements. Several servers, configured for specific tasks and a high-speed Local Area Network connection through the Institute's central facilities, ensure that all students and faculty have the most modern computing facilities, including round-the-clock internet and e-mail connection, to meet their academic and research needs.


In order to encourage and facilitate interaction with professionals, a number of activities like organizing short-term courses (under Continuing Education Programme, Quality Improvement Programme and programmes sponsored by Government and other agencies), organizing regular Departmental Seminars, facilitating National and International conferences, etc. are promoted by the Department. Following are some of the short term courses organized recently by the Department:

  1. Urban Drainage Management-State-of-the-Art
  2. Roadside Drainage System - Design & Practices
  3. Advanced analysis and design of offshore structures
  4. Physical modeling in geotechnical engineering
  5. Recent Developments in Urban Transportation Systems
  6. Travel Demand Modeling
  7. Advanced Technologies in Water Resources Management
  8. Road Works for BMC Engineers
  9. Soft Computing in Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay
  10. Fundamentals of Geodesy


The placement opportunities for the Graduates and Post-Graduates are bright and nearly 100%. Various public and private sector organization visit the campus for the recruitment in Construction, Design, Research and Development. The employers of our students include ACC, L&T Ltd., Halliburton, IOCL, INFOSYS, TCS, TIL, & BHEL & RIL.


Our Alumni have been

  1. CEO's / equivalent of large Indian and multi-national companies
  2. High ranking government officers
  3. Successful entrepreneurs
  4. Academicians in prestigious universities

Honorary works and distinctions of Faculty

  1. Won international and national awards for research contributions
  2. On editorial boards of international Journals and Editors, Co-editors of national Journals
  3. Editors and Chairmen of national professional bodies, board members of international professional societies
  4. Advisors of important Govt. and other organizations and high level committees
  5. University Vice Chancellors, Directors of large companies

Publications & Participation in Conferences

The faculty members publish extensively in international and national journals, and present their research work in symposia / seminars / conferences. Around 100 research papers are published by the faculty each year.