The conference on Transportation Planning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Countries (TPMDC) is being organized by the Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE) group at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. IIT Bombay is one of the top technical institutes in the world, established in 1958 by the Government of India. The TSE Group started in 1988 has currently grown to eight faculty members and more than thirty graduate students. It is known for its cutting edge research and involvement in major transportation studies in India. Starting from the year 1996, the group has been conducting international workshops on TPMDC, biennually.
This conference will serve as an ideal platform to share the findings on transportation related issues of the developing countries. Many approaches in transportation engineering practised in developing countries are derived from the work done in the developed countries. Thus, the conference will open manifold options for the developing countries by providing an insight into the techniques and methods used by the developed nations. TPMDC 2022 promises to be an outstanding international technical forum for participants to further enhance their technical knowledge by exchanging opinions and ideas.

Transportation Systems Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay