Professor Tarun Kant


Supervision of PhD thesis students


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  1. N A SHERIEF {jointly with Professor CK Ramesh}, Some studies on the analysis of pressure vessels (1976)


  1. P V FADNIS {jointly with Professor K Rajaiah}, Thin plate and Mindlin's analyses of continuously and discontinuously  supported orthotropic plates (1982)


  1. B N PANDYA (844306), Higher-order theories and  finite  element  evaluations  for multilayer composite plates (submitted- December 1987; defended- May 1988)


  1. MALLIKARJUNA BENNUR (864303), Refined theories and Co finite elements for free vibration and transient  dynamics of  anisotropic  composite  and  sandwich plates (submitted- 15 November 1988; defended- 16 March 1989)


  1. S R MARUR (844307)  {jointly with Professor CS Gurujee}, Co  and  C1 finite elements for transient dynamics  of  building frames (submitted-November 1989; defended- 2 June 1990)


  1. R K SINGH (854303) {jointly with Mr. Anil Kakodkar of BARC}, Efficient Co finite elements for two and  three dimensional fluid-structure interaction  problems (submitted- 27 August 1990; defended- 18 January 1991)


  1. B S MANJUNATHA (87404004), Evaluation of transverse and interlaminar stresses in  fibre reinforced  composite and sandwich laminates based on  refined theories  (submitted- 12 June 1991; defended- 31 December 1991)


  1. M P MENON (86404003), Refined theories and  finite element evaluations  for multilayered composite shells (submitted- 11 November 1991; defended- 10 March 1992)


  1. J R KOMMINENI (90404005), Geometric and material non-linear static and dynamic analyses of  composite  and sandwich plates and shells with  a  refined  theory (submitted- 17 September 1992; defended- 22 February 1993)


  1. HEMANT S PATIL (87404301), Elastic buckling of fibre reinforced composite and  sandwich laminates with a  higher-order shear deformation theory (submitted- 27 November 1992; defended- 11 November 1993)


  1. VIJAY RODE (87404302), Finite element incremental elasto-plastic analysis of thick plates with a higher-order deformation theory (submitted- May 1995; defended- 12 March 1996)


  1. RAKESH KUMAR KHARE {jointly with Dr JP Shrivastava of GSITS-Indore}, Thermal stresses in fibre reinforced composite plates and shells-some studies (submitted- June 1996; defended- November 1996)


  1. SHIRISH RAMAJI BHATE (89404704) {jointly with Mr Anil Kakodkar of BARC}, Thermal postbuckling of composite laminates--some studies (submitted- December 1997; defended- 9 April 1999)


  1. SHRISH SHRINIVAS KALE (94404601)  {jointly with Dr Yogesh Desai}, Pseudo three-dimensional methodology for inelastic analysis of reinforced concrete plates and shells (submitted- May 1999; defended- 28 January 2000)


  1. K SWAMINATHAN (96404302), Analytical evaluation of higher order theories for stress, free vibration and buckling analyses of cross-ply composite and sandwich plates (submitted- December 1999; defended- 12 June 2000)


  1. CHENNAREDDY SARATH BABU (96404003), Thermomechanical buckling of fibre-reinforced composite and sandwich plates and shells with higher order theories (submitted- January 2000; defended- 11 June 2001)


  1. VELAGAPUDI POORNA VENKATA RAMANA (95404602) {jointly with Prof A. Mukherjee and Dr Yogesh M. Desai}, Mechanics of concrete structural elements utilizing fibre reinforced polymer composites as external reinforcement (submitted- November 1999; defended- 11 November 2002)


  1. SANDEEP C KULKARNI (00404603) {jointly with Prof Yogesh M Desai}, Uniaxial and biaxial ratcheting of piping systems (submitted- 2004; defended- 04 March 2005)


  1. MAHESH R CHITNIS (98404006) {jointly with Prof Yogesh M Desai}, Wave scattering analysis of laminated composite plates and beams: Application to civil engineering structures (submitted- December 2004; defended- 06 April 2005)


  1. SANDEEP SHIVRAM PENDHARI (02040901) {jointly with Prof Yogesh M Desai}, A new partial discretization technique in elasto-statics with special reference to laminated composites and sandwiches (submitted- December 2006; defended- 28 July 2007)


  1. PAYAL DESAI (03404007), Stress analysis of finite length cylinders – some studies (submitted– 30 May 2008; defended– 29 July 2008)


  1. SANDEEP MUKUND SHIYEKAR (04404801), A higher order coupled theory for piezoelectric and functionally graded composite plates (submitted– 05 January 2009; defended– 13 May 2009)


  1. RAJESH KUMAR SINGH (04404702) {jointly with Dr R K Singh of BARC}, Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures with fracture and damage mechanics constitutive models (submitted- November 2008; defended- 08 March 2010)


  1. DHIRENDRA KUMAR JHA (07404702) {jointly with Dr R K Singh of BARC), Stress analysis and free vibration of functionally graded plates with higher order shear and normal deformations theories (submitted- 28 May 2012; defended- 15 September 2012)


  1. SAMEER SUBHASH SAWARKAR (124048001) {jointly with Prof Yogesh M Desai and Dr Sandeep Pendhari of VJTI}, Semi-analytical solutions for static analysis of smart composite materials (defended – 19 July 2017)


  1. DEVESH PUNERA (144048002) {jointly with Prof Yogesh M Desai}, Refined thermos-mechanical stress and free vibration analyses of laminated and functionally graded sandwich plates and shells (defended – 28 March 2018)