Latex: References

Dr. Tom V. Mathew

19 October 2006

1 References/Bibliography

  1. First make a bibiliography data base file (see the file ref.bib
  2. Second cite the references using \cite command in tex file.
  3. include the ref.bib in the ref.tex file (see the file ref.tex.
  4. compile the file once with latex command and then, the complie with bibitex, then compile twice with latex command.
    latex ref.tex
    bibtex ref
    latex ref.tex
    latex ref.tex

2 Example

Referencing in latex is as below.
  1. Get the bibliography file example.bib
  2. Get the tex file example.tex
  3. See the out put example.html

Prof. Tom V. Mathew 2006-10-19