Other Countries Visited


1.   Christchurch, New Zealand (During Feb. 2007) (IAHR Conference)

2.   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (During May. 2007) (Malaysian Water Association)

3.   Bang Kong, Thailand (During Jan 2009) (Asian Institute of Technology)

4.   Singapore, (During Jan 2011) (National University of Singapore)

5.   Venice, Italy (During July 2012) (Instituto Veneto di Scienze)

6.   Istanbul, Turkey (During July 2015) (EWRA Conference)

7.   Athens, Greece (During Jul 2017) (EWRA Conference)

8.   Singapore, (National University of Singapore, Jul 2018) (ADBI Workshop)

9.   Slovakia, (Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Mar. 2019) (Erasmus+ programme)

10.                     Mauritius, (University of Mauritius, 28th July to 1st August 2019) (ICOE Conference)