Memberships / Participation in Scientific and Professional Societies

1.     Charted Engineer [India] The Institution of Engineers India, Civil Engineering Division.



1.     Life Member, International Association of Hydrological Science (UK) (7804)

2.     Life Member, International Association of Global Groundwater Scientists, LM-AGGS-019

3.     Annual Member (2016), International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research

(IAHR) 50290

4.     International Water Association (IWA) UK, Membership number 1603413 from (25th July 201 2020)

5.     European Water Resources Association (EWRA), 15032705,

6.     Member, Asia Oceanic Geoscience Society (AOGS),


7.     Fellow, Indian Society for Hydraulics (FISH) F-443

8.     Fellow, Indian Association of Hydrologists (FIAH) FM-258

9.     Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India) (FIE) F-115998-0

10.                        Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education (MISTE) LM 9422

11.                        Life Member, Indian Water Resources Society (MIWRS) LM 98- 4888

12.                        Life Member, Institution of Public Health Engineers, India (MIPHE) LM 1112

13.                        Life Member, Indian Association for Environmental Management (MIAEM) LM-1521

14.                        Life Member, Indian Society of Remote sensing (MISRS) L-1968

15.                        Life Member, Association of Hydrologists of India (MAHI) AHI-LM-180-472

16.                        Life Member, Indian Society of Geomatics (MISG) ISG-L-625

17.                        Life Member, Indian Water Works Association (MIWWA) LM-4523

18.                        Life Member, Association of Structural Rehabilitation (MASTR) A0079

19.                        Life Member, Indian Association of Soil & Water Conservationists (MIASWC-LM 1904)

20.                        Life Member, The Indian Science Congress Association, (MISCA-L23259)

21.                        Life Member, Civil Engineering Association, IIT Bombay (CEA-IITB/LMID-15)

22.                        Life Member, Indian Meteorological Department, CLIM/NDC-057/VLS/11/0216/3445