IIT provides students with various Computer Facilities which include Email, Web Browsing, File Storage and Terminal Access. All these are based on your LDAP-ID and password. It is suggested to use these facilities responsibly for your and IITB's security.

The following information will be useful to you for accessing LDAP login and password:

LDAP Details

   Your initial password is your date of birth in ddmmyyyy format. For example if your birth-date is January 5, 1983 your password will be 05011983.
    If for some reason your initial password does not work, your Department Sysad will help you fix it.

Updating LDAP Details

    After registration it is recommended that you visit and do the following:

   Important: Reset your password immediately
    Choose a new LDAP ID after a month of your registration. You will be able to send/receive mails at You can change your ID only once
    If you forget your LDAP password then contact your respective Department Sysad

Web Browsing and Email Account Access

In the network options of your web browser you need to provide the follwing path in Auto Configuration field:""(recommended method)
Alternatively, you could either configure proxy manually - on port 80. Do NOT use Proxy for internal sites (*, The syntax may be different in different browsers.
Now try to access any external site and you will be prompted by to enter your LDAP-ID and password.

To Access Civil Mail through any mail client
  • This is to inform you all that now department (Civil) mails can be configured in any of the mail clients and access from outside by below
    given details for incoming server (IMAP)and outgoing server.
    • Incoming Server  (IMAP):
         Port(s): 143 for IMAP, 993 for IMAPS
    • Outgoing Server (SMTP) :
      Port : 25