The labs are equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments. Water Resource Engineering specialisation has different lab facilities (Fluild Mechanics Lab, Hydraulics Labs, Advanced Experimental Hydraulics Research Lab) as per UG and PG academic curriculum. We also have computational lab for the PG students, and a workshop facility to meet the needs of the Civil Engineering Department.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Hydraulics Lab

Advanced Experimental Research Lab

Workshop Facilities

Computational Lab

Lab Instruments

The labs are equipped with sophisticated and advanced intruments such as PIV, ADV, Electromagnetic Flow meter, Ultrasonic Flow meter etc.

Particle Image Velocimetry

PIV is an advanced laser based instrument for velocity measurement.

Ultrasonic flow meter

UFM is used for Flow measurement in pipes.

Open Channel Flow meter

Open Channel Flow Meter is used for discharge measurement in open channels.

Impact Of Jet

To study the impact of Jet on various shapes (Flat plate/Inclined plate/Hemispherical shape).