Albert Thomas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
IIT Bombay
Powai, Mumbai – 400 076, Maharashtra, INDIA

Construction Technology And Management

Major Research Areas:

Sustainable Construction
Building Energy Simulation
Life Cycle Analysis
Lean Construction

Personal Info:

Phone No:022 25767347
Fax No:022 25767302
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Research Areas

SiM group's research is focused in developing computational frameworks that help adopt sustainable and lean practices in buildings and infrastructure projects. The broad research being conducted in the group are given below.

    res COMPUTATIONAL MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS: Most of the systems around us are inherently complex with several interrelationships, and understanding about these systems thus becomes challenging. Developing validated models that resonates its actual behavior is a preferable option for learning more about such systems. At SiM group, we mainly conduct research on modeling various infrastructure systems using methods such as system dynamics, agent-based and discrete event simulation to understand how the elements/agents interact and how the systems adapt over a period of time. Development of such simplified schemes would help the policy makers to understand the impact of various sustainible practices/policies on mainly the buildings and infrastructure projects/development.

    res BUILDING ENERGY OPTIMIZATION AND LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS: Buildings consume nearly 40% of the energy produced globally. Therefore, developing energy optimization techniques and approaches are useful and can thus help in reducing the environmental emissions from this sector. We approach this problem through several efforts such as 1. Building energy optimization through methods such as co-simulation, genetic algorithm and analytical heirarchy process 2. studies involving green buildings and its benefits to the Indian context 3. life cycle based analysis to understand environmental impacts of material intensive construction projects. 4. Development of GIS based urban building stock modeling schemes to understand building energy as well as sustainbility impacts of a group of buildings at an urban scale.

    res LEAN CONSTRUCTION: Construction industry is marred by low productivity levels and lean construction is widely accepted as an alternative to the traditional construction planning and control methods. SiM group is focused on performing research in this domain by practicing lean tools and systems at construction projects, and developing innovative frameworks that can be an alternative to the existing project planning methods. The group has completed several projects in this front that has implemneted various lean tools such as last planner system, crew balance charts, work sampling methods, and 5S at Indian construction project sites

Research Projects

Ongoing Projects:

    1. Project Title: A Data-driven Simulation-based Machine Learning Optimisation (SML-Opt) Framework to Support Net Zero Energy Building Retrofits in Canadian and Indian Contexts Sponsoring Agency: Department of Science and Technology (India) and IC-Impacts (Canada) Role: PI, 2023-2025
    2. Project Title: Development of SIMECC-Opt framework for optimizing glazing parameters enhancing residential building thermal comfort and energy performance at minimum life cycle cost Sponsoring Agency: Glazing Society of India Role: PI, 2023-2024
    3. Project Title: An experimental investigation on properties of construction joints and airflow parameters in heritage monuments of Nallasopara Buddhist Stupa (Maharashtra) and Ajanta Caves (Maharashtra) Sponsoring Agency: Indian National Science Academy Role: Co-PI, 2023-2026
    4. Project Title: Development of lean implementation frameworks at two sites of URC Construction Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Lean Construction Excellence Role: PI, 2023-2023
    5. Project Title: Development Of a Dynamic LCA framework to optimise and reduce resource usage and encironmental impacts from the building industry - In colloboration with Deakin University - Australia Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Eminence initiative- IIT Bombay Role: PI, 2023-2024
    6. Project Title: A Distributed Energy Simulation Framework for Life Cycle Based Dynamic Building Energy Analysis Sponsoring Agency: IRCC- IIT Bombay Role: PI, 2018-2023
Completed Projects:
    1. Project Title: Development of a Lean Training and Implementation at various construction sites Sponsoring Agency: CENTRE FOR URBANIZATION, BUILDINGS & ENVIRONMENT Role: PI, 2018-2019
    2. Project Title: Training and Implementation of Lean Construction Templates at Construction sitesSponsoring Agency: Godrej Construction Role: Co-PI, 2018