Prof. T. I. ELDHO

Civil Engineering Department

I I T Bombay


Research Areas & Interests


·         Groundwater Flow and Pollution Investigations - two dimensional and three dimensional modeling, surface water , groundwater interactions, well hydraulics, seepage analysis in hydraulic structures; Contaminant transport analysis; Groundwater pollution control and remediation technologies.

·         Computational Fluid Dynamics- Navier Stokes equation solutions, Incompressible viscous flow analysis, various applications, Numerical modeling.

·         Coastal Hydrodynamics- Flow and transport analysis in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal seas

·         Watershed Management- Watershed modeling, GIS and remote sensing applications in water resources

* Rainfall , run off modeling, rainwater harvesting; Urban Drainage & flood Modeling.

·         Environmental Engineering - Environmental impact assessment of water resources and environmental related projects, Pollution problems in aquatic environment.

·         Applications of Numerical Methods in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Areas- Method of characteristics, Finite difference method, Finite element method and Boundary element method.

·         Hydroinformatics- Application of artificial intelligence (such as GA, PSO, CSO Fuzzy logic etc.) and advanced techniques in water resources and environmental problems .

* Climate change Impact Assessment on Water Resources & coastal region - River basin scale climate change impact assessment on hydrological processes; Impacts of sea level rise on coastal regions.

* Fluid Mechanics & Turbulence Studies: physical and laboratory scale fluid mechanics studies & hydraulics modeling; scouring and sedimentation analysis - using ADV & PIV.