Academic Administration

1972-'74 Coordinator, IIIyr seminars
1971-'73 Coordinator, IIIyr works and visits
1972-'73 Member, Departmental UG Curriculum Development Committee
1973-'74 Member, Departmental PG Curriculum Development Committee
1973-'78 Faculty Adviser, UG Programme
1974-'75 Coordinator, BTech Projects
1975-'77 Member, Institute's (First) Accommodation Advisory Committee
1977-'78 Secretary, Departmental Faculty Meetings
1978-'79 Incharge, Heavy Structures' Laboratory
1978-'79 Coordinator, Structures' Group Laboratories
1983-'84 Faculty Adviser, PG Programme
1984 Member, Departmental committee charged with the task of preparing a report on rotating heads of departments
1984-'85 Member, Departmental Staff Student Committee
1984-'93 Incharge, Departmental XEROX Facility
1984-'85 Secretary, Departmental Faculty Meetings
1985 Member, Departmental committee charged with the task of preparing a report on administrative reforms in IIT-B
1986 Member, Departmental UG Committee
1986-'87 Member, Departmental Staff Student Committee
1986-'88 Faculty Adviser, PG Programme
1986-'88 Coordinator, Structures' Group
1986-'88 Incharge, Experimental Mechanics Laboratory
1987-present Departmental Coordinator for Central Computing (Cyber) System
Member, Institute Committee for Tendering - Building & Works
1989-'90 Member, Postgraduate Programmes Committee
1989-'95 Member, Energy Systems Interdisciplinary Group
1986 Member, Departmental UG Committee
1992-present Convenor, Departmental Coordination Committee for Civil Works
1993-'95 Convenor, Central Library Committee
Responsible for introducing Journals' Resourse Sharing amonst BARC, IITs and TIFR. Also instrumental in the introduction of submissions of dissertations and theses in electronic form (ETD).
1994-'98 Convenor and Incharge, Departmental Computing and Communication Facility
1994-'98 Revamped and developed the Departmental Computer Laboratories for UG-PG, RS and Faculty
April 1995 Convenor of a committee to give recommendations for staff structure to provide administrative and technical support at the departmental level
1998 Chairman, Joint Entrance Examination
1997-'99 Incharge, Experimental Mechanics Laboratory
2000-2002 Head of Department
2001- Member, Institute Committee for Parking of 2 & 4 Wheeler Vehicles in the Campus
2001- Member, Institute Task Force for the Restoration of the Glory of the Powai Lake
2001-2003 Dean of Planning


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