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The dawn of this millennium brought an exciting gift to the scientific community of India - "Indian Association for Computational Mechanics (IndACM). In a land, which contributed significantly to the computational mechanics during the last two decades, this association came to be a common and formal meeting ground for academicians, researchers, industrialists and practicing engineers.

On the first of January 2000, this organization was formally established, with its headquarters at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400 076 with the following objectives:

1. To bring together people having a common interest in computational mechanics but belonging to different disciplines.

2. To liaise with other bodies having common interest (such as International Association for Computational Mechanics, Asia - Pacific Association of Computational Mechanics, etc)

3. To have free exchange of views in the area of computational mechanics.

4. To organize meetings/seminars/conferences/conventions/ symposia in the area of computational mechanics.

5. To engage in other activities meant to promote development of computational mechanics as a branch of science and engineering.

The first general body meeting, convened during the first week of Jan 2000, decided to extend its invitation to eminent scientists and researchers in this field to become founder members of IndACM. The response had been quite overwhelming with close to hundred people becoming members of this association, before the end of that month itself. Later, IndACM became an affiliate of IACM (International Association for Computational Mechanics).

To further the growth of computational mechanics in different disciplines (as well as to meet its fourth objective), this association recently conducted the First International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (ICCMS-04). This is being organized at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (IITK) during 9-12 December 2004 (Convenors: Professor N G R Iyengar and Professor Ashwini Kumar ). This congress focussed on emerging areas such as new computational techniques, high performance computing, non-linear damage mechanics, composites, smart structures, etc.

Having got the groundwork ready, the association would now be focusing on promoting computational mechanics in the country. With the strong academic and industrial push, already in place, in areas such as computational mechanics (FEA/ CAE) for analysis and computational geometry (CAD/ CAM) for design manufacturing, IndACM would be focusing on promoting new areas, which may become the potential enablers of growth for the country. High performance computing, damage mechanics, smart structures are few examples, in this direction.

Moving forward, IndACM might coordinate with other societies in India, for organizing annual/biennial events apart from encouraging research in the frontier areas and bringing out papers through appropriate journal(s).

                                                          ---- Reported by: Dr. Sudhakar R Marur (Editor, IndACM)



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