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 INSA Mumbai Meeting :23-25 Dec. 2006 

Prof Tarun Kant of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Founder President of the Association, recently elected as a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) in 2006, the latest being the highest honours awarded to an Indian engineer-scientist by his peers.


IIT Bombay Foundation Day Celebration on 13 March 2007

IIT-Bombay, on 13 March 2007, conferred the Professor H.H. Mathur Award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences, 2006 on Professor Tarun Kant in recognition of his outstanding work in the area of Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures.

foundation day       foundation day

The summer of 2004 saw a lot of training/ lectures series rolled out for the practicing engineers and active researchers. Some program highlights and other Items of Interest are captured here.


Finite Element Course for Defense R&D Engineers

Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) - R&DE (Engrs), located at the eastern Indian city of Pune, is a defense establishment involved in the development of engineering solutions such as mobile bridges, robotic vehicles etc for the Indian armed forces. This organization wanted its young scientists to gain greater insights into the intricacies of solving engineering problems through proper exposure to the Finite Element Method, its developments and applications.                                       

                                                            Prof Kant giving lecture at R&DE(E) at Pune, India

Professor Tarun Kant from the department of civil engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400 076 was invited to give a lecture series for four days, during the first two week ends of April, this year. The course prepared by Professor Kant covered various topics such as historical overview, various approaches to formulations, elementology, steady state and transient problems and stability analysis. Given the gap between two sessions to have hands on experience on problem solving coupled with the theoretical grinding, the course received excellent feedback from the participants.


Invited Lectures

Center for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation at Bangalore, led by Dr. Gangan Prathap, has hosted a couple of lectures in its campus.                                                           

The first one was on the Numerical Studies on Elastodynamics of Plates and Beamsby Muralikrishnan, a research scholar with the center. The second was on Performance and evaluation of R&D Institutesby Professor Kaujalgi from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


New journal

A new journal launched recently by Tech Science Press – Computers, Materials & Continua – has one of the life members of this association, Dr. Gangan Prathap, as its Editor-in-Chief.



Professor Tarun Kant of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Founder President of the Association was elected as a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences.


                                          Prof Kant having a chat with Fellows of Indian Academy of Sciences

As a Fellow, he gave a lecture on “Two-dimensional modeling of fiber reinforced composite laminates”, during the 15th mid-year meeting of the academy at Bangalore on 2-3 July 2004.



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