Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs related to TPMDC 2022

Accommodation & Transportation Committee

1) Nearest railway station to reach IITB?
Ans: Nearest local railway station is Kanjurmarg.
2) What are the accommodation arrangements for the conference?
Ans: Limited twin sharing hostel room accommodation at IIT Bombay are available on a first-come-first-serve basis strictly from 2:00 pm on 18th December 2022 (check in time). Check out time for the hostel rooms are no later than 4:00 pm on 21st December 2022 for those not availing the technical visit and 10:00 am on 22nd December 2022 for those availing the technical visit. Due to many ongoing events accommodations in the IITB guest house is not available for now. We have listed nearby hotels on our conference webpage kindly refer.
3) Can we get accommodation prior to 18th December?
Ans: We are sorry to inform you that the IIT Bombay hostel accommodation cannot be provided before 18th December 2022.
4) What is the procedure to book the accommodation in the hostels?
Ans: A google form have been circulated to registered authors for their willingness to get the shared accommodation in IITB hostels with the payment link. If you haven’t received a link and want to book the shared accommodation in the hostels, please write us on
5) Is technical visit and related payment compulsory?
Ans: The hostel accommodation and technical fee payments are not connected. The amount will be calculated based on your requirement for hostel accommodation and technical visit and a payment link with the appropriate amount will be sent to you by email. The delegates will be charged based on their respective choices of accommodation or technical visit or both.
6) When the technical visit would be over?
Ans: Technical visit will be over around 6 pm (might get late depending on traffic). A in hostel can be extended for 21st night also. Check out will be 22nd morning 10 am

Finance & Registration Committee

1) What are the registration fees for the conference?
Ans: Please check the TPMDC 2022 brochure in home page of the website or Registration page for the fees related info.
2) I wish to attend the conference as an attendee without presenting the paper. What will be the charge (fee) for the same?
Ans: Conference fees will be charged as per the fees bared by other delegates even if you are a student.
3) Is it possible for me to registered for the conference after deadline is over? Also, paper submission possible or not?
Ans: We regret to inform you that the deadline for paper submission is over. However, you can attend the conference as a participant. Registration can be done through our registration portal on the website.
4) Is it possible to get discount on the decided amount for the conference?
Ans: We are sorry to inform you that we cannot provide discounts on the registration fee as it has already been subsidized by around 50% for student delegates. Accommodation will be available on sharing basis within the campus for student delegates. However, you must complete your registration and payment as soon as possible to avail of this facility, as the rooms are limited and will be allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
5) I paid the registration fee through UPI mode. Although the amount has been debited from my account, it is not reflected in the portal?"
Ans: Generally, bank needs to confirm your payment status. If the payment has not happened, the amount will get refunded to your account within two business days, and you will have to register again. You will receive the receipt once the transaction is complete. Therefore, we request you wait for two business days.
6) What is included in the registration fee?
Ans: It includes registration kit, lunch, refreshments, and cultural dinner. It doesn’t include accommodation fees.
7) If 2 or more authors wish to attend what will be the participation fees rest of the author.
Ans: Any authors wish to attend the conference, they must register separately. The registration process remains the same. Students with an accepted paper ID will get a relaxation in the registration fees. In this case, the registration confirmation will be done upon verification of the student's ID card. Please see our registration portal on the website for more details.
8) Does conference have planned in any hybrid culture?
Ans: We are going towards normalcy once again, hence TPMDC 2022 is in person conference. There are no arrangements for the online presentations.
9) Can I register as a student even if my student id has expired?
Ans: To register as a student category, a valid student ID is necessary otherwise participant will have to bear the fees of the normal delegate.
10) I wish to cancel my registration, and could you please initiate the cancellation and refund procedures as per your policies?
Ans: Registration fee cancellation request must be submitted by the registered author(s) only through email at, on or before December 10, 2022 (5:00 P.M.). Registration fee will be refunded after deducting 18% GST along with 10% cancellation charges. The refund will be initiated after the conference. No refund request will be entertained after December 10, 2022.

Scientific Committee

1) Any details about speakers invited for the conference?
Ans: A detailed schedule and information regarding the keynote speakers will be updated soon.
2) Is there any format to submit paperwork, maximum pages for full length paper and templates?
Ans: The format for paper would be available on the paper submission portal. The length of paper can be as long as 10 pages of the given format.
3) Can changes be made in the head and footer space in the paper format given? Are more than 10 papers being acceptable for the submissions? if 10 pages does it also included references page?
Ans: Header and Footer should be as per the given format, for the ease of publication. The number of pages can go up to 12 in exceptional cases. However, you are advised to adhere to the given limit, to avail the extra space for the revised versions post review. The limit of number of pages includes the reference page.
4) Whether the accepted papers submitted to the14th TPMDC conference proceedings-2022 will have a Scopus index.
Ans: The Procedia is Scopus indexed.
5) A wrong file was uploaded for the conference website is resubmission possible?
Ans: You can change the file by clicking on edit button on the submission portal. Alternatively, you can withdraw the submission and submit again.
6) Maximum number of oral/poster presentations that can be allowed for single-author registration?
Ans: One registered participant can present up to maximum of 2 papers.