Conference Themes

Track I: Transport Modes: General (Highways, Railways, Airways and Waterways

This theme includes general aspects of all transport modes including air transport, rail-based transport, inland and international waterways, and non-motorized transport modes. The theme covers research on various topics such as air traffic control and management; port, harbor, and fleeting services; railway system planning, design, operation, and management; freight transportation and operations using rail, water, and air modes. Research on infrastructure planning and geometric design aspects of transportation projects are also included in this theme.

Track II: Pavement Systems Engineering

This theme will focus on all aspects of material characterization, analysis, design, construction, evaluation, and maintenance of pavement structures. These aspects include broad areas of characterization of conventional and innovative pavement materials; pavement material modelling; pavement recycling; stabilization of pavement layers; analysis and design of bituminous, concrete, composite, and other kinds of pavements; life cycle cost analysis; pavement maintenance and management systems; pavement drainage; airport pavements and railway track.

Track III: Transportation Planning, Policy and Economics

This theme includes research on theoretical and empirical aspects of travel demand and behavioral modelling and forecasting, network design for passenger and freight transport, planning of urban transport systems, and logistics planning. The theme covers several aspects of transportation economics such as public transport pricing, user impact of transport projects, cost benefit analysis and project evaluation, and transport as a means for economic development. The theme also includes research on transport policy analysis, and social equity in transport.

Track IV: Traffic Management, Operations, and Safety

This theme deals with traffic aspects of highways and urban roads such as traffic flow theory and modelling, traffic control and management, transport network analysis, operations and management of passenger and freight traffic, ICT for traffic systems. This theme also includes the various aspects of transport safety such as driver and infrastructural factors, externalities and policies for transport safety aspects, vulnerable road user safety, safety in public transit, and other modes of transport. The theme also covers topic on operations and management of public transport systems.

Track V: Emerging Transportation Technologies

This theme focuses on all aspects of technological advances in transportation systems. The topics broadly include battery and electric operated vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles; internet of things, V2X communication, and intelligent transportation systems; technology enabled models for mobility services of passenger and freight transport; technology enabled multi-modal integration; robotics, artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, computer vision, image processing, and augmented reality in transportation; big data analytics for transportation.

Track VI: Sustainable Mobility in Transportation

This theme includes research related to environmental impact assessment of transport projects and mitigation strategies; various interactions between transport, health and associated policies; emissions from vehicles and other transport infrastructure; policies and planning for sustainability in transport systems; renewable energy applications in transport sector; pollution and environmental issues of all transport modes; strategies, technological interventions, policies and management of sustainable and socially inclusive transport systems.

Note: Papers meeting the broad areas of the Tracks would also be considered.