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Doctor of Philosophy


Aneena Mohan Aneena Mohan
January 2021 - Till date
Research Topic: Performance based geometric design

Email: aneenamohan8@gmail.com

Ashutosh Pandey Ashutosh Pandey
August 2022 - Till date
Research Topic: Developing vehicle dynamics based safety evaluation tool for rural highways

Email: 22d0272@iitb.ac.in

Mohan Kumar Mohan Kumar Somavarapu
August 2022 - Till date
Research Topic: Human-centric highway geometric design for fully autonomous vehicles

Email: mohan.somavarapu@monash.edu

Raja Rizwan Ul Haq Madni Raja Rizwan Ul Haq Madni
August 2022 - Till date
Research Topic: Modelling driver behavior and evaluating feedback systems for enhancing road safety using a low-cost telematics device

Email: madniriz09@gmail.com

K. Rahul Chandra K. Rahul Chandra
January 2023 - Till date
Research Topic: Effect of horizontal alignment geometry on driving performance and road safety

Email: 22d0307@iitb.ac.in


Gourab Sil Gourab Sil
July 2015 - July 2019
Thesis Title: Modelling Drivers’ Speed Choice and Sharpness Perception of Horizontal Curves for Consistent Design
Present Position: Assistant Professor, IIT Indore, Indore, India.
Email: silgourab@gmail.com

Sushma MB Sushma MB
July 2013 - July 2019
Thesis Title: Integrated Path Planner and Ant Colony Algorithm for Highway Alignment Optimization
Present Position: Assistant Professor, Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science, Warangal-506015, India.
Email: prustysushma618@gmail.com

Sandeepan Roy Sandeepan Roy
July 2015 - November 2021
Thesis Title: Optimization of Multi-Objective Station Locations and Alignment Problem for High Speed Rail
Present Position: Assistant Professor, Mahindra University, Hyderabad – 500043, India
Email: sandeepanroy1991@gmail.com

Suresh Nama Suresh Nama
July 2015 - May 2023
Thesis Title: Development of Speed Based Consistency Evaluation of Four-Lane Highway Geometry Using Naturalistic Driving Data
Supervisor: Prof. Akhilesh K. Maurya, IIT Guwahati
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Avijit Maji, IIT Bombay

Email: nsureshce@gmail.com