CE 334 (3 0 0 6) Transportation Engineering II

Prof. Tom V. Mathew

Print Version Dated: January 8, 2019

Course contents

Introduction to Transportation Engineering

  1. Introduction to transportation system engineering
  2. Introduction to travel demand modeling
  3. Transportation planning surveys

Transportation Planning

  1. Trip generation
  2. Trip distribution
  3. Mode choice
  4. Traffic Assignment

Traffic Engineering: Traffic flow modeling

  1. Fundamental parameters of traffic flow
  2. Fundamental relations of traffic flow
  3. Traffic stream models
  4. Moving observer method
  5. Traffic measurement procedures
  6. Capacity and level of service

Traffic Engineering: Traffic control

  1. Principles of traffic control
  2. Traffic signs and road markings
  3. Uncontrolled intersections
  4. Traffic rotary
  5. Design and evaluation of traffic signal
  6. Coordinated traffic signal
  7. Advances in traffic signal control


Lecture Timings - slot 4

Mon 11:35-12:30 (CE 208)

Tue 08.30-09.25 (CE 208)

Thu 09.30-10.25 (CE 208)

Visiting Time - Mon 12:30-13:30


  1. Folder containing the class notes and other reading materials are here.
  2. 2018 class notes and other reading materials are here.

Lecture Notes

No Lecture Title
1 Introduction to Transportation Systems Analysis
2 Introduction to Travel Demand Modeling
3 Data Collection
4 Trip Generation
5 Trip Distribution
6 Modal Split
7 Trip Assignment
8 Trip Assignment - (contd...)


Class Participation 25
Mid Sem 30
End Sem 45
Total 100


  1. Class participations is evaluated by short quizzes during class hours, short assignments, attendance, etc.
  2. Distribution of grades will be similar for both sections (S1 and S2).

Teaching Assistants

  1. Remya K P (Ph. D)
  2. Anna Charly (Ph. D)
  3. Bijul Ravindran (Ph. D)
  4. Plus Few Others ...


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