Transportation and Traffic Engineering

Lecture notes in html (under construction)

January 10, 2019

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1 Introduction to Transportation Systems Analysis nil  
2 Role of transportation in society nil  
3 Factors affecting transportation nil  
4 Introduction to Travel Demand Modeling nil  
5 Data Collection nil  
6 Trip Generation nil  
7 Trip Distribution nil  
8 Modal Split nil  
9 Trip Assignment nil  
10 Trip Assignment - (contd...) nil  
11 Introduction to Geometric Design nil  
12 Cross Sectional Elements nil  
13 Sight Distances nil  
14 Introduction to pavement design nil  
15 Factors affecting pavement design nil  
16 Pavement materials: Soil nil  
17 Pavement materials: Aggregates nil  
18 Pavement materials: Bitumen nil  
19 Dry mix design nil  
20 Marshall Mix Design nil  
21 Bituminous mix design nil  
22 Flexible pavement design nil  
23 IRC method of design of flexible pavements nil  
24 Rigid pavement design nil  
25 Fundamental Parameters of Traffic Flow nil  
26 Fundamental Relations of Traffic Flow nil  
27 Traffic Stream Models nil  
28 Moving Observer Method nil  
29 Measurement at a Point nil  
30 Measurement over a Short Section nil  
31 Measurement along a Length of Road nil  
32 Automated Traffic Measurement nil  
33 Intrusive Technologies nil  
34 Non-Intrusive Technologies nil  
35 Travel Time Data Collection nil  
36 Vehicle Arrival Models : Headway nil  
37 Vehicle Arrival Models : Count nil  
38 Car Following Models nil  
39 Lane Changing Models nil  
40 Microscopic Traffic Simulation nil  
41 Traffic Flow Modeling Analogies nil  
42 Cell Transmission Models nil  
43 Traffic Progression Models nil  
44 Discrete Simulation Models nil  
45 Capacity and Level of Service LOS nil  
46 Urban Streets nil  
47 Multilane Highways nil  
48 Freeway Operations nil  
49 Ramp Metering nil  
50 Corridor Analysis nil  
51 Principles of Traffic Control nil  
52 Traffic Signs nil  
53 Road Markings nil  
54 Uncontrolled Intersection nil  
55 Channelization nil  
56 Traffic Rotaries nil  
57 Grade Separated Intersection nil  
58 Design Priciples of Traffic Signal nil  
59 Signalized Intersection Delay Models nil  
60 Special Requirement in Traffic Signal nil  
61 HCM Method of Capacity and LoS Analysis of a Traffic Signal nil  
62 Coordinated Traffic Signal nil  
63 Vehicle Actuated Signals nil  
64 Area Traffic Control nil  
65 Parking Studies nil  
66 Accident Studies nil  
67 Fuel Consumption and Emission Studies nil  
68 Congestion Studies nil  
69 Queuing Analysis nil  
70 Toll Operation nil  
71 Pedestrian Studies nil  
72 Intelligent Transportation System - I nil  
73 Intelligent Transportation System - II nil  
74 Advanced ITS nil  
75 Non-Liner Programming nil  
76 Transportation networks nil  
77 Genetic Algorithms nil  
78 Multi-variable Unconstrained Optimization nil  
79 Transport Network Design nil  
80 Assignment Problems nil  

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